Employers get ready for modern award changes in 2020. Are you ready?

hr3 and Aussiepay hosted complimentary breakfast sessions in Melbourne and Sydney, plus an online webinar in March to let you know how the new Awards will impact your business.

Annualised Salaries - Are you ready?

As of 1st March 2020, major changes to 22 modern awards will come into effect, focusing on record-keeping, timesheets and wage reconciliation to ensure an “annual salary employee” is always paid at or above award rates.

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What do employers need to do?

For employees employed under one of the new awards, you will need to do the following:

♦ Have clear documentation of what is included in an employee’s annual salary.

♦ Have tools in place to record an employee’s working hours, which then must be approved by the employee at each pay cycle.

♦ Implement a process to review their worked hours to the outer limits of their agreements on both a pay cycle and an annual basis.

Alicia Mataere – Special Counsel, Holman Webb

Since 2004 Alicia’s experience and passion for all aspects of workplace relations and safety law have made her a trusted legal advisor to her clients. She is also an experienced advocate, having advised and advocated in the first Equal Pay Case under the Fair Work read more…

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Daniel Wyner
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Paul Orford,
Compliance Product Manager, ReadyTech

Paul Orford has 20 years experience in the Business & Tax Software Industry, with varying roles including Product Management and Consulting. He has also spent 5 years in a Corporate Finance team working across Payroll and Compliance functions.