CASE STUDY: Babcock Mission Critical


Babcock Mission Critical Services (MCS) are one of Australia’s largest independent mission-critical helicopter providers with 200+ employees.


Due to a number of complex payroll issues, MCS were looking for more capabilities in their payroll software. Pilots do not just get a base salary, they get multiple allowances, disparate entitlements and bonus schemes.


MCS were primarily looking for cost efficiency, excellent support and effective tracking. After three months of evaluating different software solutions, MCS selected HR3’s payroll, hr and kiosk modules to meet their challenging payroll requirements.


HR3 software effectively meets the complex pay structure of pilots. The implementation of the new system was painless and the online self-service offered to employees means the payroll department is no longer bombarded with payroll enquiries.


“HR3 software is so user-friendly I implemented the new system almost entirely myself. Each week it saves me about 50% of time, which has a knock-on effect throughout the company.”

Wayne Page, Payroll Manager