CASE STUDY: Wavelength International


Wavelength International provide medical recruitment services world-wide and currently have 350+ employees.


Wavelength are required to produce detailed and accurate HR / payroll reports. They were experiencing glitches with their previous payroll software including frequent, unreliable and faulty reports.


Wavelength shortlisted six payroll software platforms and HR3’s capabilities were found to be superior. Notably, other systems were up to five times the cost of HR3. Wavelength selected HR3’s payroll, hr and kiosk modules to meet their business needs.


Wavelength are delighted with the accuracy and flexibility of HR3’s payroll software. They succeeded in expanding their payroll from 60 people to 350+ staff and medical physicians with various pay codes, pay rates and compliance components.


“I have extensively used Quicken, MYOB and ePayroll and say emphatically that none compare to the set-up, processing and reporting features of HR3.”

Racquel Anderson, Payroll Manager