HR3 employee management solutions have been trusted by Transport businesses for over 30 years.
And we continue to do so today and everyday with our innovative eco-system delivering Payroll, Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Software Solutions.

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Specialized for the complexities of the transport industry within the power of one of the most popular payroll solutions. 
Provides you with a solution with all the latest in payroll efficiencies with Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety management for your compliance. 

Ability to calculate superannuation for transport industry as per ATO l km’ rate as well as enforce minimum values etc

Flexible ‘pay rates’ engine can pay per route, per km, per hour, per day, per unit or any combination

Flexible ‘leave accruals’ engine can accrue Unlimited leave types in hours, days, $’s or any combination

Comprehensive workplace health & safety solution available within the same solution

Payroll Software

HR3’s payroll software is among the best value for money, user-friendly and intelligent payroll systems available.

 Love your work with Australia’s very best in payroll technology.

HR3 payroll software is easy to use, flexible, scalable and suited to businesses of almost any size

It is particularly suited to solving complex payroll processing problems via its unique and extensible design.

Whether you have 20 or 1,000 employees, you can be confident that HR3 has a payroll solution to suit your needs.

Multiple companies and ABN's
Date driven payroll
Comprehensive security and auditing
Easy to use wizards
In-build workflows, calendar and reminders
Extensible - add user defined tables and fields
Integrations to T&A roster, super, ERP etc.
Build-in superstream clearing house
Audit manager
Unlimited field variations
Detailed data analytics and reporting
Unlimited leave accrual types
Human Resources
Automated Workflows
Advanced Reporting
On board

We understand you might have doubts about choosing the best payroll solution, which is fine, so please; take a look yourself to our customer’s experience.

This is what it happens when you try HR3

» You will work with an amazing supportive team always available and willing to help.

» You will work with a world-class technology software. 

» You will work with a software that is always up to date with current legislation.

» It will make complex processes like year-end super simple.

» You will add huge value to your business with the integrated functions available. 

“Mariana Susnja, Iselect Payroll Team”

Easy & Reliable Payroll Software

» Intuitive software – easy to use for new users to HR3.

» SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll compliant.

» GL Integration – integrates with many ERP systems.

» Wizard functionality – assists greatly with payroll processing/management.

» Integrated business inteligence (Bl) reporting tool “Drag and drop” crosstab and pivot reporting directly within HR3 – no need for external software with consequent loss of payroll data secutiry.

» Virtually unlimited user-definable paperless workflows that can be triggered from any table/field within the system.

» Aggregated tax – link adjustment pay to prior incorrect pay to calculate tax on aggregated basis.

» Audit Data Explorer – Identifies changes to the system and employees masterfiles at the user level.

» Backpay function – easily calculate backpays and relevant taxes to a relevant date.

» Electronic banking for third party payments such as PAYG, Child Support etc.

» Extensible design with user definable lookup tables and fields and have these available in your reports and B.l reporting tool.

By choosing HR3 you can be confident that your organisation is accessing the very best in employee management software, domain knowledge and customer servicing. Here is a small selection of our valued customers who have tusted in HR3.

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