Our New Payroll Dashboard is here!

HR3Pay has now been upgraded to a new version 3.1.215. This important release includes our NEW Payroll Dashboard.

Why should I use the new dashboard?

  • It will save you time. There is no need to generate a report for your latest employee data.
  • It is comprehensive. Users can now view Payroll and HR data all in one place.
  • It will help HR and Management teams in identifying trends within their business and immediately address any concerns.
  • It includes automated reporting allowing HR and Management teams to analyse the real and live internal staff trends, giving you the ability to make quick and informed decisions, increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Benefits of the Dashboard for HR personnel:

  1. HR Monitoring. Quickly exam organisation-wide areas such as gender diversity, resource allocation, absenteeism, the average tenure of employees, and leave balances.
  2. Scrutinise Employee Retention.
  3. Review Employee Engagement

Benefits of Dashboard for Payroll people:

    1. Monitor Employee’s Superannuation with respect to Yearly Super Cap forecast
    2. Check Employees’ Annual leave balances
    3. Track all Payments made by the company to each individual employee

HR3 Learning Section


HR3 is committed to shaping the future of payroll and we see training and development as a fundamental element of this progression.

We have redesigned our classroom training courses to better suit an online delivery learning environment. The courses will be delivered webinar-style via zoom, however of course you can ask questions throughout the session.

We have also taken the opportunity to add new courses this year on the HR & Kiosk modules, as well as dive deeper into some of our Reporting capabilities. These are proving to already be extremely popular so book your seat today!

Latest Tip – Managers multi-level access in Kiosk

Here’s a very handy guide from our Professional Services team.

Managers multi-level access in Kiosk

Managers often require access to not just the employees that directly report to them but others as well.

This guide takes you through how to setup Managers with Multi-level access.

Download guide here

If you do not use the HR3 employee/manager self-service web application or the Human Resources module but would like to know more about what it can do for your business. Please send an email to support@hr3.com.au and a Customer Success Manager will contact you.

We hope you will find this guide useful.