HR3Cloud – Planned Outage

Why is this happening? 

HR3Pay is being upgraded to a new version 3.1.221.

Maintenance Window Details: 

Start time: Thursday 16th September 9:00 PM (AEST)

End time:  Thursday 16th September 11:59 PM (AEST)

What is affected: 

Applications affected are HR3Pay, and it will not be accessible on the Cloud during this time.

What you need to know:  

HR3Pay is being upgraded to a new version 3.1.221. See release notes for details.

What you need to do:  

Please ensure you are not logged into HR3Pay on the Cloud during this time. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance window. Please contact support at [email protected]

For details on the new features, enhancements, and fixes that are included in this release, you can click on the link below.

HR3Cloud – Planned Outage

Dear Valued Client,

Ready pay, powered by hr3, has sent you this update notification to alert you to the upcoming release of HR3Kiosk V3.20.16. The full Release Notes are within this email.

Why is this happening
HR3Kiosk is being upgraded to the latest version.

Maintenance Window Details
Start Time: Thursday 16th September 9:00 PM (AEST)
End Time: Thursday 16th September 11:59 PM (AEST)

What is affected
The HR3Kiosk application will not be accessible in the Cloud during the scheduled maintenance window. 

What you need to know
HR3Kiosk is being upgraded to a newer version, V3.20.16.

What you need to do
Please ensure you are not logged into your HR3 platform in the Cloud during this time. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance window, please contact our support team at [email protected]

For details on the new features, enhancements, and fixes included in this new release click on the image below.

Our New HR3 Training Courses are back

Our HR3 modular training courses are back!

The courses are given through Zoom in a webinar mode, giving you the ability to ask questions at any time during the session. All you’ll need is a web browser, audio, a quiet area, and a desire to learn!

Our virtual classroom program includes courses on:

    • Payroll Processing
    • Payroll Framework & Employee set up
    • Reporting

Why should you attend these courses?

    • The courses cover all aspects of the day to day operations and maintenance of payroll and your employees, specifically how they relate within the HR3 platform.
    • If you have new pay office employees or as a refresher for existing staff.
    • If you are a functional HR staff member.

Click on the buttons below to sign up now.

What’s new? New Dashboard

HR3Pay has been upgraded to a new version 3.1.215. This release includes the new payroll dashboard.

The new dashboard saves you a lot of time. Users can quickly view the dashboard with the latest employee data. There is no need to generate a report.

The dashboard is comprehensive. The users can now view payroll and HR data all in one place.

The dashboard helps HR and management teams in identifying trends and addressing issues if required.

The dashboard with its automated reporting feature helps the HR and Management teams in analyzing the latest data in no time. It can show real trends and help in increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.

Benefits of Dashboard for HR personnel:

    1. HR Monitoring – gender diversity in the organization, headcount, absenteeism, average tenure of employees, leave balances
    2. Employee retention
    3.  Employee engagement

Benefits of Dashboard for Payroll people:

    1. Can monitor employee’s super with respect to yearly super cap forecast
    2. Employees’ leave balances
    3. Payments made by the company