JobKeeper is changing

On the 28 September, 2020 the Federal Government’s JobKeeper program is changing:


  • The JobKeeper payment program is being extended by a further six months to the end of March 2021.
  • The JobKeeper payment rate is being reduced, with a lower amount to be used for employees working fewer hours.
  • Business eligibility rules have changed.

See below for the actions you must take now.


  • Update on proposed bringing forward of Personal Income tax cuts
  • Additional employer-based incentives (speculated head count rebates)
  • Unemployment figures
  • Transition to JobKeeper so far
  • Key dates to enter & back pay employers by

Receive Budget Night Reports from the Experts

When you register for our webinar we are also very pleased to provide you with Budget Night reports prepared by a team of tax & accounting specialists and political analysts from Parliament House. The content of the two reports will be;

  • A broader Federal Budget Report summarising budget outcomes, economic forecasts and overview of tax and accounting changes.
  • Tax & Accounting Federal Budget Report including detailed tax and accounting changes and superannuation insights.

Latest Tip – Managers multi-level access in Kiosk

Here’s a very handy guide from our Professional Services team.

Managers multi-level access in Kiosk

Managers often require access to not just the employees that directly report to them but others as well.

This guide takes you through how to setup Managers with Multi-level access.

Download guide here

If you do not use the HR3 employee/manager self-service web application or the Human Resources module but would like to know more about what it can do for your business. Please send an email to and a Customer Success Manager will contact you.

We hope you will find this guide useful.