Question of the Week – 15th May 2020

We are now into the 4th fortnight of the ATO JobKeeper program and it appears businesses are starting to come to grips with it.
The last few weeks the questions have been:
  • Does my business qualify?
  • How do I apply?
  • How do I nominate my employees?
But this week we have seen a change.
The biggest question into our teams this week has been:
When do I get paid my JobKeeper money?
While the JobKeeper legislation allows the ATO 14 days to make payment, many businesses have reported it arriving in only 4 business days. We have however found that a small number of employers are under a misconception that all they needed to do was nominate their employees via Single Touch Payroll. This is not the case.
These are the two steps we have found they have failed to do:
Step 1. Enrol for JobKeeper
This has not been helped by the ATO having an initial “Register you interest in JobKeeper” form on their public website in early April, which is very different to the formal “Enrolling for JobKeeper” which went live on the 20th April in the secure ATO Online Portals. This once off process will ask questions about your business’s turnover, business participants applying and the pay to bank account. If you haven’t yet enrolled, you have until the 30th May to enrol if you wish to claim for the April JobKeeper fortnights.
Step 2. Submit the Monthly JobKeeper Declaration
This is the all important step that triggers the payment to you each month. This step went live on the 4th May and will ask you to estimate your turnover for the following month and to confirm your employee numbers. The employee numbers will automatically update from STP payevents events. It is possible to manually override these numbers on the Declaration Form if needed. You have until the 31st of May to lodge the April JobKeeper Declaration.
If you haven’t completed these steps please log into your ATO Online Portal. You will find the JobKeeper wizard under a COVID-19 heading with the other ATO stimulus measures.
If you don’t have access to your online business portal you may need to register or contact your accountant to do these steps for you.
Note: If you have questions about enrolling or lodging your Monthly Declaration you need to contact your accountant or the ATO. These are items that your payroll provider is not allowed to assist you with.
To get more information on the JobKeeper steps visit the ATO website.