Question of the Week – 28th May 2020

With the ATO’s fourth JobKeeper fortnight ending on the 24th May (a week before the actual end of the month), many employers are looking to lodge their next monthly JobKeeper declaration.

However, at this point in time, in the ATO portal, there is no form or information, leaving many to believe their next monthly payments will automatically happen. This is not the case!

While the ATO provided extensions for the April declaration until the end of May, the window to lodge your May declaration and indeed subsequent monthly declarations, is comparatively short.

For all future months you only have 14 days from the end of the month to get your monthly JobKeeper declarations lodged.

This will certainly catch out a few of you in May, who are still coming to terms with the JobKeeper.

However, June is more of a concern for Employers, with both business owners and their accountants swamped with all the other End of Financial Year work.

So, a tip to ensure your business does not miss out. Put ALL the dates in your diaries now.

For more information about monthly declarations please see the ATO Website or speak with your accountant.

Author: Paul Orford – Product Compliance Manager