Need powerful analytics and data reporting?


Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting adds sophisticated business intelligence reporting capabilities to HR3’s payroll, hr whs and kiosk modules.

HR3 includes over 200 reports built-in, but many organisations have unique reporting requirements. HR3’s advanced reporting module includes drag and drop crosstab and pivot queries, a comprehensive user report writer and the ability to take any standard report and modify it to suit your requirements.

Features Core Optional
Drag and drop crosstab pivot-queries
Comprehensive user report writer
Modify over 200 standard HR3 reports
Create reports for any data held in the database
Cross-company reporting capabilities
Export to XLS, HTML, CSV, PDF and more!
Print, export or graph data results
Distribute reports securely to other HR3 users
Payroll module
Human resources module
Workplace health and safety module
Kiosk employee self-service module
Cloud module
Automated workflows module
Integrations with third-party software
      ONB Onboarding

A sophisticated B.I reporting tool built right into the HR3 software platform.

Multiple export options

As well as outputting reports to screen or hard-copy, you can also export to PDF, Excel (XLS), HTML, CSV, JPEG and more.

Cross-company reporting

Advanced reporting allows you to report on multiple companies in a single report for consolidated “group” reporting.

Powerful B.I reporting features

The advanced reports module lets you create powerful crosstab and pivot reports totally within HR3. If the data is in HR3 then you can report on it! The problem with external reporting tools is that when you export payroll date you lose control of the security of that data. With advanced reporting you retain full security of the data because it never leaves the system. You can then take your new report and distribute it to other HR3 users with full security.

Drill-down reports

The advanced reporting module includes the ability to drill-down into the data and then print, export or graph the results.

In a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend HR3 to another payroll manager.