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For those that prefer a cloud-hosted solution

HR3 Cloud is an Australian cloud hosting service purpose-built to support HR3 software applications. The benefits for you include remote access to data, programs and information from literally anywhere – and HR3 also look after all the HR3 software updates so you know you are always up to date.

   Features Core
   24/7 access from almost any device   ✓
   Hosted securely in Australia   ✓
   Secure SSL connections   ✓
   Automatic HR3 software updates   ✓
   Regular backups of your data   ✓
   Help desk located in Australia   ✓

Compliance guarantee.

With over 30 years’ experience providing employee management software, you can rest assured that HR3 is on top of all government required reporting and are here to help. We guarantee our software meets the highest standards and regulatory requirements.

Do you prefer cloud hosted software? Time to talk with HR3 about the benefits of employee management in the cloud...

✓ Anytime, anywhere access.

Our cloud infrastructure allows you to access your information securely from the device of your choice as long as you stay connected to the internet. The greatest benefit to users is remote access to data, programs and information from literally anywhere.

✓ Secure cloud hosting in Australia.

HR3 Cloud is an Australian cloud hosting service purpose-built for HR3 software applications. With data security being one of the major concerns of every business, HR3 Cloud offers many advanced security features (authentication & access control) that ensures your data is securely stored and handled.

✓ Automatic upgrades and back-ups.

When a new software release becomes available, our HR3 technical team will perform the updates and all associated versioning. This saves your internal teams time and effort in maintaining the system, tremendously reducing the workload of your IT resources.

In a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend HR3 to another payroll manager.