HR3 can provide a range of options for integrating the HR3 software suite into third-party platfoms.

HR3’s integration services comprises both software and services. Our RESTful API (application programming interface) gives 3rd party software read and write access to the HR3 database. In addition to API interactions, HR3 already has in place over 30 integrations with various general ledger, rostering and time & attendance systems.

Features Core Optional
JSON/REST service
Read/write common data via standard API
Two-way integrations
Multiple standard general ledger interfaces
Rostering, time and attendance interfaces
Payroll module
 Human resources module
Kiosk employee self-service module
Cloud module
 Automated workflows module
Advanced reporting module
 Integrations with third-party software
      ONB Onboarding

HR3's payroll module is among the best value for money, user-friendly and intelligent payroll applications available.

Integration software and services

HR3’s integration software and services enables third part software read and write access to the HR3 dataset. Many of the most common integrations have already been done including:

– general ledger

– rostering

– time and attendance

– e-recruitment

– external HRIS systems and more!

The “tech” stuff

The HR3 API is a RESTful web service that uses JSON objects to send and receive data. It is a two-way API in that it can be used to get, put and post various data in the HR3 database. The API is authenticated and is typically deployed as an IIS service via HTTPS.

Two-way API integration for on-premise or cloud

Using the integration API, two-way integrations are possible regardless of whether the systems are on-premise or in the cloud.

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