Empower managers and employees with self-service

A comprehensive business tool to enhance business and employee productivity.

Reduce the load on payroll and human resources by eradicating frequent and time-consuming tasks! Imagine how much time you will save if your employees and managers were empowered to update personal details, apply for leave, submit expenses, access pay summaries, approve or escalate workflows, run reports and so much more! HR3’s kiosk combines employee self-service, manager portal, team management, hr, workplace health and safety, workflow automation, task management and management reporting into a single effective software tool.

Features Core Optional
24/7 access from almost any device
Update employee and HR details
Leave requests and approval workflows
Online timesheet and expense claims
Online payslips and ATO payment summaries
Comprehensive automated workflows
WHS and HSEQ management
Company announcements and policies
Training and development
Planners and calendars
Inductions and performance management
Business intelligence and management reports
 Payroll module
 Human resources module
 Workplace health and safety module
 Cloud module
 Automated workflows module
 Advanced reporting module
 Integrations with third-party software
      ONB Onboarding

Empower managers and employees with self-service

Employees, team managers, HR managers and safety officers are greatly assisted in their day to day roles with kiosk’s “anytime/anywhere” access to workflows, planners, calendars, alerts and reports.

Appearance and user experience will vary depending on device and theme selected.

Far more than just an employee portal, Kiosk’s features significantly improve business productivity.

Powerful features and easy for everyone to use

HR3’s kiosk is a user-friendly employee self-service and manager portal which combines team management, human resources, workplace health and safety, workflow automation, task management and management reporting into a single and effective software tool. Employees, team managers, HR managers and safety officers benefit from “anytime/anywhere” access to the workflows, planners, calendars, alerts, reports and enquiries to assist them in their day to day roles.

Single and accurate source of information

The kiosk module accesses the central employee file from a single database, ensuring information is only entered once.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

ESS gives employees a wide range of functions that they can “self serve” from anywhere and at any time. This has a major efficiency dividend throughout an organisation because it reduces the load on HR and payroll departments to perform trivial, and often repetitive tasks. Examples include leave requests, timesheets, pay advices, ATO payment summaries, expense claims as well as ongoing maintenance of personal details such as address, phone, emergency contact and bank account details.

Manager Self Service (MSS)

Team leaders and managers can access their personal kiosk plus their team’s details. They can enter, approve, deny or escalate any workflows that have been submitted by their team members and can run various payroll, hr and whs reports. They also have access to weekly and monthly team planners for leave, HR and WHS functions.

Flexible deployment options

HR3 products can be deployed as on-premise or cloud solutions. HR3 cloud gives you ‘anywhere/anytime’ access to all the power and functionality of payroll and all add-on modules.

In a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend HR3 to another payroll manager.